10-Year-Old Learns Harsh Lesson From Parents After Stealing Bike

If there’s one thing I simply can’t tolerate, it’s theft. I tell my children all the time that I give them everything they need in life and therefore there is no reason on this planet that they should take something that is not theirs.

I also try to teach them to take pride in their possessions. In other words, I constantly tell my children to pick up their toys from off the floor and take care of the things my husband and I buy them. In other words, I don’t want them to take their things for granted or worse, feel entitled or that they have to have these things in their life.

That’s why the Internet is giving a standing ovation to two parents who took matters into their own hands by teaching their daughter a lesson she’ll never forget when it comes to taking care of her stuff! Here’s what happened!

Credit: YouTube/Becca Baker

This 10-year-old was given plenty of warnings by her parents until they decided to do this!

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