10 Ways to Make Flavored Water

5. Brew some tea: Skip the store bought variety and make some fresh iced tea at home to quench your thirst. Place four to six tea bags in a two-quart container, fill it with water then move it into the sunlight to steep for three to five hours (depending on how strong you want your tea to be) and refrigerate when complete. Brew up a batch of your tried-and-true favorite flavor, or experiment with something new, like green or white teas.

6. Try some homemade lemonade: Mix the juice of six to eight lemons with three to four cups of water and one cup of simple syrup for tasty lemonade that’s not too sweet. To make simple syrup, use one cup of water and one cup of sugar (or sugar substitute) and dissolve the sugar into the water in a saucepan over medium heat.

7. Revamp your ice cubes: Freeze berries and/or herbs in water and then drop them into your water for a slower release of flavor that’ll also help preserve the berries a bit longer. You can also freeze cherries or slices of clementine and have something to nosh on after they defrost.

8. Add a mixer: Make that water taste even more like a little happy-hour treat with a splash of sparkling water, tonic of seltzer. Try traditional cocktail flavors (sans alcohol) or consider adding a fresh fruit flavor along with the carbonation, like lemon-lime or mango.

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