10 Things Anti-Vax Parents Are Tired of Hearing

Look, I get it. With every parenting debate out there, we will always see two sides of the coin. There are the people who are pro and then there are the people who are con. We’ve got supporters, and we’ve got protestors. You breastfeed, you bottle-feed. You co-sleep, you don’t co-sleep. It really does feel like parenting and the mommy wars are the biggest battle in the world right now. It’s unbelievable how much hate, distrust and finger-pointing there is when some of us just want to raise our kids and be left alone!

With that being said, if there’s one group of moms who have gotten a lot of sh*t in the past, it’s the anti-vaccination moms. And boy are they tired of hearing all of your stupid, stupid questions about their decision not to vaccinate their kids. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions but just like snarky comments, they don’t have to be said out loud.

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Here are 10 things that anti-vax moms are tired of hearing!

1. Did you choose not to vaccinate your kids because you’re worried about autism?

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For decades now researchers have shown that there is no possible link between autism and vaccinations. And while the scientific research can be overwhelming, many parents say that their child’s autism is the result of their vaccines. Some parents say that they are not just worried, but just being cautious.

2. Is your unvaccinated child a threat to the other kids at school?

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The last time anyone checked, unvaccinated children aren’t a threat to their classmates. Bullying, boogers and the kid in class who keeps repeating his parents’ foul language are.

3. Aren’t you worried that your child might be left out as the one unvaccinated kid in his school?

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No, children who aren’t vaccinated don’t wear signs around their neck that say so at school. Kids really don’t care about other kids and their vaccination history, so this question is pretty ridiculous. Now parents on the other hand are a whole different matter.

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