Disney Memes That Accurately Describe What Being a Parent Is Like

I am by no means a Disney princess. Actually, let me take that back. I do get treated like a Disney princess (and sometimes even a queen!) on certain days of the calendar year, including Mother’s Day and my birthday. Otherwise, I am usually expected to cook, clean and keep the household running while little kids follow me around throughout the day or worse, disturb my slumber each and every morning. I’m sure you get the idea.

Because if there’s anyone who gets what the struggle behind parenting is all about, it’s the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Or the Dinosaur from Toy Story. Or better yet, Olaf from Frozen.

disney parenting meme
Credit: Disney

Here are 12 times Disney characters GET moms each time, as told by memes!

1. Sleep

Disney Memes
Credit: Disney

I swear to you that each and every time my children wake me up before the crack of dawn (and on a Sunday, too!) it really brings out the Disney villain in me. Sleeping Beauty gets it. All girlfriend wants to do is take a nap without someone constantly disturbing her slumber.

2. Disney & Chill 

Disney Memes
Credit: Drunk Disney

Everyone will agree that there’s no better time than your child’s bed time. And there’s no better beverage than a glass of wine and no better entertainment then an uninterrupted night of Netflix viewing!

3. Snow White

Disney Memes
Credit: memejelly.com

Now this is what you call my kind of breaking and entering. By all means, come on in! But does anyone know how much Snow White charges an hour for her services? Either way, I’m sold!

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