10 Signs It’s Definitely Time for You to Get a Mommy Makeover

When I shop at Target, it’s usually because I need a few, inexpensive items for myself. For instance, new budget brand eyeliner, my favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner and maybe a new bra or something I can use in the clearance section. By the time I leave the store though, I have none of the items that I was initially hoping to by. Instead, I’m left with hundreds of dollars in groceries, household items, school supplies and clothes for my kids. In other words, I usually end up buying more for my family than I ever do for myself.

I’m sure that a lot of moms are in my same position. For many women, becoming a mother means dedicating most of your time to your children, which means less you-time and more kiddie-time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I mean, don’t you think it’s finally time to do something nice for yourself?

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Here’s why you NEED a mommy makeover!

1. Still Rocking that 90s Lip Liner

Christina Aguilera in music video
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Now, you don’t have to roll into the car drop-off line at school every morning looking like Christina Aguilera (and if you do, more power to you), but a little update in your makeup bag will go along way. Sorry mama, but the lipliner and the Steve Madden shoes both need to go back to 1999.

2. Working With Chunky Highlights

Victoria Beckham
Credit: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

Speaking of out-of-date hair styles, 1999 called again because they want their chunky blonde highlights back (and the bottle of Sun-In that you were obsessed with during your high school years). Trust me when I say that a little update to your hairstyle will definitely go a long way.

3. Sporting Those Short Shorts

Kim kardashian got milf
Credit: VEVO/Fergie

I don’t care how perfect your legs are, how many miles you run a week and if cellulite sounds like a foreign word to you, but if there’s one thing you absolutely shouldn’t do, it’s wear very SHORT shorts in public. And definitely not to parent/teacher night at your kid’s school.

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