10 Habits That Ruin Your Relationship After a Baby

Research shows that people in stressed marriages usually have low self-esteem, struggle with anxiety and depression, and have a higher rate of illness than those who don’t. And when you have a baby, it’s a totally different ball game. Gone are the late date nights and spontaneous sessions under the sheets. The weekend getaways to the Bahamas. Or the disposable income that you spent on yourself at the mall. Because heck, kids are expensive, demanding, and emotionally uncontrollable, and worse, they suck all the energy and love out of you.

And with all of that being said, we still love them so friggin’ much.

It turns out that having a child can have a pretty strong negative impact on your relationship with your partner. Or it might have the opposite effect, too. Just because you are going through new obstacles, that doesn’t mean that your marriage is doomed. Instead, it’ll just be a little different. It all depends on how you tackle each and every situation, right?

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Here are 10 ways a baby changes your marriage.

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